Strategic Filters Evaluation Method

If you're looking for a quick and easy way to eliminate initiatives that aren't aligned with your organization's vision, strategic filters are the answer. By evaluation each initiative against a set of criteria, you can determine which ones should be given priority. This process is especially useful when you have multiple initiatives that could potentially be helpful to your organization. By using strategic filters, you can easily compare and contrast different initiatives to determine which ones are most likely to lead to success.

Hard Filters

Hard filters are YES/NO filters that when applied to initiatives, they will determine if they will continue to the next phase of evaluation.

Hard filters are a way to determine if an initiative should continue on in its evaluation process. When applied, they will make the decision for you!

These filters can be based upon many different business factors, like profitability for a For Profit Organization, and "Does this meet our requirement to help our patrons" in a Not For Profit.

Soft Filters

Soft Filter evaluation is a bit more complicated than that of the hard-filters. We're first going to figure out some of those things that we want to filter for in our strategy. 

Some Common Soft Filters:

  • HOW profitable is this initiative?
  • HOW well does this initiative align with our company long term goals?
  • HOW well can we do this initiative in house?
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